Friday, February 22, 2013

Got the bike rack for the zuki all built up. still needs a little work though, as the plastic handlebar end will tap the rear window if I hit the brakes too hard.

 photo 20130221_185316_zpsf6cb7f3a.jpg

 photo 20130221_185324_zpsc43a91a1.jpg

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More frame design, this is where it sits as of 2/19/2013 the swingarm had to be changed, and may get changed again (Thank you MAX mfg...)

 photo 20130129_170915.jpg

 photo 20130207_204833_zpsf3daa378.jpg

 photo 20130213_201729_zps59629c6d.jpg

 photo 20130215_211747_zps0a7f61a9.jpg
More on the hiatus, The old frame (that's right, there is a new one in the works) had a problem where around the 85mph mark it got a pretty bad case of "speed wobble". A forward pointing videocam on the forks showed a SIGNIFIGANT amount of flex in both the frame, and in the fork. So thus started the New E-moto build. Here is a step-by-step of how the frame is going.

 photo 20130108_184201.jpg

 photo 20130112_170148.jpg

 photo 20130119_134601.jpg

 photo 20130119_180703.jpg

 photo 20130121_204436.jpg

 photo 20130121_204423.jpg

 photo 20130121_204608.jpg

 photo 20130122_183445.jpg

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sorry for the long hiatus, a ton has happened in the last few months. We won the socal race, a HUGE thanks goes out to laser laminations for helping me build this motor, we were the second fastest bike on the track, hitting 77mph on the 900ft back straight. Anyhow, enough talking, here is some video! First the dyno run, 24 horsepower and 151 ft/lb at the wheel!

Second, the race! first place even though we had a mystery controller reset at 2:18