Thursday, March 14, 2013

Redesigned the swingarm, this will involve making some sleeves to fit on the existing axle stubs and machining a bunch of retaining clips and other pivot parts, along with adding a third horizontal frame member. The advantages of the new swingarm are pretty numerous.

- Less flex
- Lower un-sprung weight
- Concentric pivot on the motors axle, this means no chain tension change.
- Additional frame rigidity from another horizontal member in the frame.
- Bigger bearings
- Motor is now protected by a the supporting "cage" structure around it.

 photo FRAMEISO2_zps8225d007.jpg

 photo COMPLETEPIVOTISO_zps97017473.jpg

 photo Explodedpivot_zps2deb25b8.jpg

 photo COMPLETEISO_zpsc46bbccc.jpg