Monday, May 27, 2013

Registered for REFUEL!

We are registered for Refuel at Laguna Seca Raceway!
Thanks to all who donated to make this possible!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Android App Update for Wireless Telemetry System

We've finally got an update ready for our wireless telemetry system! This will allow us to send the data from the Cycle Analyst and liquid cooling system from the bike to our phones, which should let the rider focus on racing and let the rest of the team monitor the bike.

Information about the build can be found here

You can also download the app for yourself, all you need to connect is a bluetooth serial module, as described in the above thread.

Friday, May 24, 2013

BMS Installed and Working

The new battery management system is installed and working perfectly, as well as the side switchboard!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

REFUEL at Laguna Seca

We are registered for refuel at Laguna seca!!!  Can't wait to get down there and turn some heads in the prototype class!
And whoever just hit that donate button, in the corner, and tossed ten dollars to the team, THANKS!

That's the first donation the blog has ever had, and you just helped us pick up some badly needed rear brake pads!

We are on Hackaday!!!

Electric motorcycle hits the racing circuit

Holy carp!

To all who are viewing from Hackaday, check out some of the earlier pages for info on the home-built motor, and the frame build!

And in other news, we have some bolt on horsepower that showed up in the mail! we should now be running about 44hp and 300ft/lb to the ground, which is a BIG improvement from the 24hp and 120ft/lb we did on the dyno Here .

 photo 20130517_200018_zpse36e18cd.jpg

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fork Upgrade and Battery Repair

Lots of news, after the bikes first track day at PARC, it was determined that we needed a new fork. We soon found somebody in redmond that sold us a 2006 wr250 inverted fork, which will make an excellent upgrade from our 1989 yz125 fork.

and today we finally weeded out that annoying leaker cell, in the battery pack, and traded over the 10Awg spaghetti of loose tangled bullet connectors to some 1x50mm nickle plate copper sheet and ring terminals.

While the pack was out, we also re-mounted the contactor on the battery tray.  So now it can be unhooked at the controller, and then just drop the battery, bms and contactor down all at once. Makes it much easier to get at the pack for maintenance or upgrades.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Track Day Update

Mk.4's first track day was super educational, and a big success. The weather held, and even though the skies were cloudy, the track stayed dry the entire day.

Considering that both chase and the bike were strewn on the floor of a college dorm in the wee morning hours, they performed very well on the track.

 photo 20130427_200337_zps3723656b.jpg

We started the day off a little rough to say the least.

We accidentally got put on the track with the karts and then got flagged off

We then wrecked the bike a few times while getting some rear end issues worked out, and on one of those wrecks, we managed to destroy the dashboard.

 photo 20130428_175604_zps0765e8f5.jpg

As bad as the day started, by mid-day we were getting much faster and smoother after some riding and tuning advice from a pretty awesome rider.

 photo 20130428_163413_zps142d3d04.jpg

Overall, a huge success and a MASSIVE learning experience. Can't wait for round two.