Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fork Upgrade and Battery Repair

Lots of news, after the bikes first track day at PARC, it was determined that we needed a new fork. We soon found somebody in redmond that sold us a 2006 wr250 inverted fork, which will make an excellent upgrade from our 1989 yz125 fork.

and today we finally weeded out that annoying leaker cell, in the battery pack, and traded over the 10Awg spaghetti of loose tangled bullet connectors to some 1x50mm nickle plate copper sheet and ring terminals.

While the pack was out, we also re-mounted the contactor on the battery tray.  So now it can be unhooked at the controller, and then just drop the battery, bms and contactor down all at once. Makes it much easier to get at the pack for maintenance or upgrades.

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