Thursday, May 2, 2013

Track Day Update

Mk.4's first track day was super educational, and a big success. The weather held, and even though the skies were cloudy, the track stayed dry the entire day.

Considering that both chase and the bike were strewn on the floor of a college dorm in the wee morning hours, they performed very well on the track.

 photo 20130427_200337_zps3723656b.jpg

We started the day off a little rough to say the least.

We accidentally got put on the track with the karts and then got flagged off

We then wrecked the bike a few times while getting some rear end issues worked out, and on one of those wrecks, we managed to destroy the dashboard.

 photo 20130428_175604_zps0765e8f5.jpg

As bad as the day started, by mid-day we were getting much faster and smoother after some riding and tuning advice from a pretty awesome rider.

 photo 20130428_163413_zps142d3d04.jpg

Overall, a huge success and a MASSIVE learning experience. Can't wait for round two.

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