Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Too Much Horsepower!

Towards the end of our Santa Cruz trip the bike stopped working. Scoping the hall signal outputs it was determined that a hall sensor had been knocked loose. After tearing into the motor, we found out why the motor stopped working, and it wasn't good news... The axle twisted in the center aluminum stator support. It was only stopped by the hall sensor being pulled out of its slot, confusing the controller. After that happened, the two broken shear pin pieces beat up the ends of the lam stacks, luckily the magnets kept it contained to the lams, and they left the windings alone.  Should be fixable by mac track on Friday. Hopefully.

 photo 20130618_205159_zps81ffbfce.jpg

 photo 20130618_214536_zps866536e1.jpg

 photo 20130618_205959_zpsd748a2f6.jpg

 photo 20130618_210021_zps635205ed.jpg

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