Monday, July 22, 2013

Refuel video, and Horn Rapids Trackday update

We are finally done with our REFUEL video, and had an excellent trackday at Horn Rapids in the tri-city area of WA. Long drive to get there, but very worth it. Lots of folks there to race with, and MK.4 performed flawlessly despite the 105+ degree heat. A last minute suspension adjustment helped chase keep it shiny side up the entire day, breaking a 6 trackday crashing spree.

Here are some pictures from Horn Rapids:

 photo 20130720_133354_zpsccdf5a32.jpg

 photo IMG_8161_zpsb435ad0a.jpg

 photo IMG_8160_zpsb6084802.jpg

 photo IMG_8146_zps595a8268.jpg

 photo IMG_8144_zps703db815.jpg

 photo IMG_8133_zps3069cd82.jpg

Monday, July 1, 2013

REFUEL Pictures Posted

We've posted some of the pictures from REFUEL on our Facebook page, go check it out!

Refuel update

REFUEL was both an amazing, and challenging day. We started out pretty rough with the liquid cooling system getting stuck on and over flowing onto the back tire, causing us to crash. The rest of the day went better. We switched to the backup cooling system, which also failed, and then resorted to disabling it completely, and limiting the power to keep the motor alive. Because of our limited battery capacity, we were only able to do two to three laps of the track, so we had to cut short our sessions. But towards the end of the day we had turned a fast enough lap to place third behind Brammos TTXGP bike, and a heavily modified zero S. Needless to say we were pretty happy with that result.