Saturday, October 26, 2013

Friday, October 25, 2013

End of Season Track Day

The last day of riding season had to come around sometime. We were fortunate to have such a great final day at MACtrack! Jackson was able to borrow a pair of leathers and ride Mk. 4 on the track for the first time. We also had the chance to get some very useful information on the tires we should be using. The Dunlop racing slicks we had been using were just too hard of a compound for our lightweight bike to keep warm, so we experimented with a set of DOT approved tires and a pair of rain tires (donated by one of the awesome supermoto guys we've gotten to know this year!). The rain tires ended up being the best gripping tire we have ever used, and made a significant improvement in the bike's ability to handle cornering at high speeds. Learning all of this before the end of the season will be critical for the upcoming "build season" for the next race bike (more details to come).